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When you select a company to manage your demolition project, it’s imperative to select professionals so that you can have peace of mind during the entire process.

Beni & Zvika Group Ltd. is a leader in the field of building demolition in Israel. We specialize in all types of demolition regardless of size and complexity.

Our demolition projects are carried out with the utmost professionalism thanks to our decade of experience in the field. We maintain the highest levels of safety and comply with all the Ministry of Environmental Protection’s requirements regarding noise and dust.

Furthermore, we use the most advanced mechanical equipment. We utilize hydraulic arms of various types, which allow for flexibility and handling of multiple demolition processes, and specialized shears for cutting and shattering, which rise to a height of 23 meters and are equipped with a sprinkling system to prevent dust. This is the highest quality demolition equipment available in Israel today.

It’s especially important for us to protect the environmental surroundings,

and worker safety at all the demolition sites where we are active.

Hence, we make sure to prevent any dust hazards by using the world’s most advanced misting and fanning devices, which have a spray capacity of up to 40 meters.

If we’ve already destroyed something, then it’s important for us to repair it for the sake of the environment.

The construction and demolition waste is disposed at our recycling sites in Herzliya/ Ashdod where it undergoes a process of sorting, grinding, sifting, and washing until new raw materials are produced, which will then return to the construction industry as aggregates and concrete mixtures.

What happens after the demolition?

We’d be happy to assist you during the excavation and reinforcement stages, or alternatively, to prepare an empty lot to operate as a temporary parking lot until the construction work begins. This will ensure the maximum value for the process.

Some of our flagship projects include:

demolition of a factory in Ramat Gan, an Ikea building in Netanya, Dizengoff Square in Tel Aviv,

and a stadium in Kiryat Eliezer.

Do you have a structure slated for demolition?

We’d be happy to help you on this path

and provide you with professional, courteous, efficient, and cost-effective service.

Demolition of the Cinerama Concert Hall in Tel

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Watch some of the demolition projects we’ve done...

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