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GREEN אטומיקס - דף מוצר , שומשום וגומי ממוחזרים
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לוגו תו איכות - ISO 9001
תו מיוצר בישראל
Marking 100% recycled

A mixture of recycled gravel and rubber

Designation and Usage

A mixture designated for flooring infrastructure system with a high value for thermal and acoustic insulation.

The mixture has a relatively low weight per unit volume compared to natural sand and gravel.

This helps reduce the load (kg per m2) on the structural foundations.


Standardization and Certifications

Recycled and washed aggregates, Israeli Standard 5003.

ISO 9001 quality management system.

The quality assurance system for homogenous mixing is based on the use of a concrete factory authorized by Israeli Standard 118.


Recycled washed gravel with recycled crushed rubber.


Features and Benefits

# Replaces the use of palziv and saves work time involved in implementing plaziv.

# Convenient and fast application and dispersion.   

# Reduces noise, specifically pounding sounds.   

# Low weight per unit volume of 1300-1500 kg per m3.

# Can be pumped in a sand pump.

# Dust free.

Supply and Application


Can be supplied using concrete mixers or trucks. The mixture contains natural moisture that assists in its implementation. It improves adhesiveness of the flooring and prevents dust damage. The order delivery of the mixtures must be made two days before the delivery date until 15:00 from the relevant facility.



The mixtures do not contain bonding materials (cement). Hence, there is no fear of direct bodily contact. The mixture can be handled like a natural substance. Additional information can be found on the Material Safety Data Sheet on the company’s website.

The materials are 100% recycled and green. Using the material will confer upon the project a high score of the green building standard, helping to preserve the environment and keeping Israel cleaner.

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