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A lightweight cementitious mixture for insulation and sealing

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תו מיוצר בישראל

Designation and Usage

Non-structural lightweight concrete, used to adjust surfaces, and seal roofs and balconies.

Creates slopes, levels floors, good for thermal insulation.

Standardization and Certifications

he mixture complies with the requirements set forth in Israeli Standard 1513 -

Non-structural lightweight concrete.

Recycled and washed aggregates, Israeli Standard 5003.

The mixture is manufactured in a factory in compliance with Israeli Standard 118 , ISO 9001 quality

management system.


Washed and recycled cement, gravel, and sand with chemical additives (air traps and durability enhancers).

Features and Benefits


# Flowing and self-levelling.

# Low weight per unit volume when compared to natural aggregates.

# High foaming capacity (more volume per cubic meter)

# Easy to apply, homogeneous | Ability to enter even small spaces.

# High-quality insulation material.

# Saves labor and field operating costs.

***Compressive strength at 28 days will be 1-4 MPa (depending on weight per unit volume)

Supply and Application

Use a dedicated pump, usually on roofs and balconies.

Properties of the fresh materials - according to customer requirements.

The mixture modeling will be performed at the customer’s site by an authorized representative after adding air traps.



Concrete is a strong basic material (with a pH 13 and above).

It may cause an allergic reaction upon skin contact and burning in the eyes.

Protective gloves and googles should be used at all times.

In the case of eye injury, thoroughly wash your eyes and consult a physician.

Additional information can be found on the Material Safety Data Sheet on the company’s website.

The materials are 100% recycled and green. Using the material will confer upon the project a high score of the green building standard, helping to preserve the environment and keeping Israel cleaner.

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