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Concrete for gluing and fixing development products (such as curbstone) on top of an infrastructure.

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Iso-9001 - סימן איכות
תו מיוצר בישראל

Designation and Usage

Ready-mix concrete at a strength of 15-20 MPa and low level of support (V1-V2).

The mixture is intended for developmental work (curbstone) and sloping surfaces. It is also suitable for other non-structural elements that need to be implemented on site.


Standardization and Certifications

Natural aggregate (crushed stone) in accordance with Israeli Standard 3.

Recycled and washed sand and gravel in accordance with Israeli Standard 5003.

Portland Cement - Israeli Standard 1, Chemical Additives - Israeli Standard 896.

ISO 9001 quality management system.


Cement, recycled and washed gravel, recycled and washed sand, naturally crushed stone, chemical additives that improve workability and reduce water.

Features and Benefits

# Quick implementation that does not require any special training for personnel.

# Saves both cost and time.

# The material is supplied without water additives. In this way, it can be used as needed for several         days following the delivery date.

# The mix is easy to process and apply.

***The strength of the concrete after 28 days depends on the quality of application

(cement-water ratio), tightening, and finishing.

Supply and Application

Supply of wet mixtures in concrete mixer (minimum quantity 8 cubic meters) / Supply of dry mixtures in tilt truck - double (minimum quantity 11 cubic meters) or full (minimum quantity 22 cubic metres). Application by pouring - add water as needed. Manual mixing and condensing.


Concrete is a strong basic material (with a pH 13 and above).

It may cause an allergic reaction upon skin contact and burning in the eyes.

Protective gloves and googles should be used at all times.

In the case of eye injury, thoroughly wash your eyes and consult a physician.

Additional information can be found on the Material Safety Data Sheet on the company’s website.

The materials are 100% recycled and green. Using the material will confer upon the project a high score of the green building standard, helping to preserve the environment and keeping Israel cleaner.

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