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חומרי גלם ממוחזרים - תמונה לדף מוצר

Recycled raw materials for new construction, development, and infrastructure projects.

Designation and Usage

Production of coarse and thin (recycled) aggregates derived from natural mineral materials (building demolition/ construction and demolition waste).

Substitute for natural material in all construction uses.

Standardization and Certifications

Recycled and washed aggregates, Israeli Standard 5003.

Grinding, sifting, and quality control system in accordance with Procedural Standard 30.

ISO 9001 certified quality assurance system.

The company abides by the requirements of Israeli Standard 118 concerning materials for concrete production.

Authorization from the Standards Institute of Israel for the construction of substrates for roads, highways, and airports in accordance with Israeli Standard 1886 and Procedural Standard 30.


Recycled washed sand | Recycled washed gravel | Substrate B

Features and Benefits

# Advanced on-site grinding, washing, and sifting system in accordance with standards to ensure             optimal quality and compliance with all the requirements of the planner.

# Weight per unit volume of the recycled aggregates is lighter when compared to competing materials.

# Recycled and washed sand - Higher quality because it is free of clay.

# The size of the recycled aggregates has a very high uniformity level compared to natural materials.

# The production and quality assurance system are undertaken at a local laboratory daily.

# Significant environmental value! 100% recycled materials, capable of reducing nearly 20% of     

   all current mining and quarrying operations.

Supply and Application

Can be supplied by trucks/ sacks and applied by (gravel/ sand) pumps.

The order delivery of the mixtures must be made one day before the delivery date until 15:00 from the relevant facility.


The mixtures do not contain bonding materials (cement). Hence, there is no fear of direct bodily contact.The mixture can be handled like a natural substance. Additional information can be found on the Material Safety Data Sheet on the company’s website.

The materials are 100% recycled and green. Using the material will confer upon the project a high score of the green building standard, helping to preserve the environment and keeping Israel cleaner.

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