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Recycling Sites Green Raw Materials

GREENMIX - הופכים מטרד למשאב

Disposal of construction waste in open fields is one of the most serious environmental problems in Israel.   Government Resolution No. 2927 from 2003 initiated a clear policy of recycling construction waste and using recycled raw materials by governmental bodies. The purpose of the resolution is to prevent illegal waste disposal, reduce the mining of valuable and biodegradable natural resources, and encourage the usage of recycled raw materials, or as we call it “urban mining”.

The usage of recycled raw materials reduces carbon emissions, significantly decreases damage to scarce natural resources in our small nation, and directly saves consumers high costs. All of this can be done while using high-quality and environmentally friendly materials for infrastructure and construction.

GREENMIX, part of Beni & Zvika Group Ltd., operates sites for recycling construction and demolition waste in Israel’s center (Herzliya) and south (Ashdod). The sites are among the most advanced in the world since the company is an industry leader in recycling for the construction industry. GREENMIX also promotes research and development to continually streamline and improve these processes. Furthermore, we boast a recycling capacity of over 90% of all on-site waste, in accordance with the level of recycling in advanced western European nations.

Waste from the sites is dry waste and it undergoes a process that begins with the sorting of wood, plastic, nylon, metal, and paper materials sent to be recycled. The remaining mineral material is crushed, sifted, separated, and washed.

The final products in the process include:

# Recycled and washed sand - used for pipe lining, subfloor filling, and more.

# Recycled and washed gravel - used for subfloor filling, landscaping, and more.

# Recycled Substrate B - Filler material for infrastructure industry. (Manufactured in accordance with Israeli Standard 1886.)

The importance of using recycled raw materials continues to gain traction as urban renewal in Israel’s center and major cities increases. Our overarching goal is to turn a nuisance into a sustainable resource, reduce environmental harm, and maintain a better, cleaner, and more sustainable world for ourselves and future generations.

We invite you to take advantage of quality, green raw materials, starting from the initial infrastructure stage and up to project completion, at significantly lower prices when compared to similar naturally extracted materials.

Do you need to dispose of construction and demolition waste?

Are you interested in saving costs, as well as preserving the planet?

We’d be happy to serve you and provide you with high-quality raw materials at attractive prices.

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