An optimal solution for subfloor uses!

Designation and Usage

Used as a high-quality and efficient substrate for subfloor systems.

Assists with reliable and strong system adhesion and prevents future failures.


Standardization and Certifications

Recycled and washed sand - Israeli Standard 5003.

Portland cement - Israeli Standard 1.

ISO 9001 quality management system.

The quality assurance system for homogenous mixing is based on the use of a concrete factory authorized by Israeli Standard 118.


Recycled and washed sand + cement.


Features and Benefits

# High-strength mixture | The material tightens easily.

# The mixture absorbs localized moisture and dampness in case of leakage/ spillage and prevents any         spreading.

# The mixture helps to maintain anti-bacterial infrastructure systems (basic pH) and also prevents the         spread of mold and fungus. (Good for use in wet/ cleaning rooms, hospitals, etc.)

# Cement stabilized sand helps prevent capillary migration, i.e. moisture created in the walls of building     due to the application of wet filling.

# Internalized finishing - The mixture maintains optimal moisture under the layer of mortar and improves     adhesive capabilities.


Supply and Application

Supplied with concrete mixers for building sites.

The mixture is dry and is intended for application using a standard sand pump.

The mixture contains the amount of water needed in relation to the cement for maximum strength. There is no need to add water to the mixture.

It can be ordered in varying strengths, according the planner’s requirements.

The mixture solidifies after 24 hours.

The order delivery of the mixtures must be made one day before the delivery date until 15:00 from the relevant facility.


Concrete is a strong basic material (with a pH 13 and above).

It may cause an allergic reaction upon skin contact and burning in the eyes.

Protective gloves and googles should be used at all times.

In the case of eye injury, thoroughly wash your eyes and consult a physician.

Additional information can be found on the Material Safety Data Sheet on the company’s website.

The materials are 100% recycled and green. Using the material will confer upon the project a high score of the green building standard, helping to preserve the environment and keeping Israel cleaner.

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