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Agreement with a licensed site for construction waste treatment - Certificate for Form 4

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Use the calculator for estimateing the expacted waste amounte in the project

*The calculator is used for evaluation only and should not be relied upon to carry out certain transactions or any operations. The purpose of the calculator is to be a utility in addition to manual calculations and/or cross-checking data with other calculations. The GREENMIX Benny and Zvika Group website is not responsible in any way for damages and/or losses that may be caused as a result of relying on a calculation made on the calculators that appear on the website, in particular, or on any other content that appears on the website.

Agreement with a licensed site for construction waste treatment

As part of the authorities' licensing and approval procedures for obtaining a construction permit / demolition permit and approval for green building, there is a requirement to present an agreement with an authorized site for treating construction waste on behalf of the Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection.

GREENMIX issues its customers an initial engagement agreement and landfill permit for Form 4 - free of charge! Subject to signing an agreement which guarantees the removal of the waste to an agreed authorized recycling site.

What is the agreement's purpose?

Agreement with an authorized site for construction waste treatment gives the customer the right to evacuate the future waste that will be generated in the construction project/demolition project. The primary purpose of the preliminary agreement is to ensure in advance the removal of the waste to the recycling site, thus preventing the throwaway of the waste in nature and open spaces by illegal dumping and minimizing the landfilling amount by recycling and reusing the recycled products.

GREENMIX operates advanced recycling parks for construction waste, collecting, sorting, and recycling the construction waste into materials and products reused in the construction and infrastructure industry. The company issues the required contract approvals for entrepreneurs, contractors, architects, and private builders.


How can we estimate the amount of construction waste that will be produced?

According to calculations from the Ministry of Environmental Protection,

the coefficient of the minimum amount of waste is:

0.2 tons per meter for residential, office, and public buildings

0.5 tons per meter when demolishing a building

 0.06 tons per meter for industrial construction of prefabricated residential buildings

0.03 tons per meter when constructing basements.

Usually a 'written statement of quantities' of the estimated amount of waste will be received by the architect / engineer of the project.

Additional approvals relevant to the Agreement

1. Agreement with a licensed site for construction waste treatment = For the purpose of approval to the building committees and for the purpose of obtaining a building permit.


2. Landfill approval = given at the end of the work after the removing the construction waste (confirmation of the amount of construction waste received at the authorized treatment site). Required to Receive an approvel for form 4.

3. Approval to receive a score of green building standards = Approval for recycling of the waste according to obligatory standard - 5281 (green building).

What should you prepare before applying for an Agreement with a construction waste treatment licensed site?

Name of the applicant / number of the application for the building permit / number of block, plot and lot / address of the construction site / amount of square meters for construction / estimated amount of waste.


The above details will be filled out on a declaration of quantities form which will be submitted accompanied by the signature of an engineer or architect to the municipality or the local authority (you can download a sample form from us).

What happens after receiving the Agreement with a construction waste treatment licensed site?

Upon completion of the construction / demolition or renovation work and after the waste has been removed to one of our recycling sites, we make sure that the amount of waste removed corresponds to the amount of waste declared in the initial agreement and if everything is in order, we issue our customers a landfill permit which is a necessary condition for receiving Form 4.

***It is very important to verify with the construction contractor / site manager that the waste will indeed be sent to the treatment site in accordance with the initial agreement. It will not be possible to issue a landfill permit if the waste does not actually arrive at the agreed recycling site.

We will also be happy to accompany you professionally and efficiently throughout the entire construction process, whether you need to demolish a building, remove building waste in containers or trucks, supply recycled and green raw materials and supply green and recycled cement mixes.

Do you need an agreement with a construction waste treatment licensed site?

Contact us, and we will be happy to be at your service; we will explain the process and accompany you from the initial agreement to the waste removal and receipt of the landfill permit.

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