Contractual Certifications for Form 4

תמונה להמחשה - שירות אישורי התקשרות4

 As part of the licensing and authorization procedures on part of the authorities to accept building

permits in general and green building permits in particular, it is required to present contractual certifications from a recycling facility authorized by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

What does this mean?

Purchasing contractual certifications gives our customers the right to dispose of future construction and demolition waste, which will be produced in our dedicated recycling sites. The purpose of purchasing the contractual certifications in advance assures that the waste will arrive at the authorized treatment site, preventing illegal dumping in nature or open fields.

GREENMIX, part of the Beni & Zvika Group Ltd., operates recycling sites in Israel’s center (Herzliya) and south (Ashdod), which receive and recycle the construction and demolition waste.

The company issues the required contractual certifications to developers, contractors, architects, and private builders.

How do we know how much waste is expected to be generated?

According to calculations from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the coefficient of the minimum amount of waste is:

0.2 tons per meter for residential, office, and public buildings | 0.5 tons per meter when demolishing a building | 0.06 tons per meter for industrial construction of prefabricated residential buildings | 0.03 tons per meter when constructing basements.

Usually a 'written statement of quantities' of the estimated amount of waste will be received by the architect / engineer of the project.

Types of Certifications:

# Authorization for planning and building committees to obtain building licenses (contractual certification)

# Authorization for waste treatment in order to obtain an occupancy form (landfill certification)

# Authorization to recycle and treat waste in accordance with Israeli Standard 5281 in order to obtain a score for green building.

What needs to be prepared before applying for the certification?

Applicant's name | Building permit application number | Block/ plot and lot no. | Site address | Square meter amount of construction | Estimated amount of waste, signed off by an engineer or architect.

What happens after receiving the certification?

We’re happy to guide you with professionalism and efficiency throughout the entire construction process, whether you need to demolish a building, manage and transport waste, provide waste containers, supply recycled and green raw materials, and provide green and recycled cementitious mixtures.

Do you need contractual certifications?

Get in touch with us and we’d be happy to be at your service. We’ll make sure to give you a detailed explanation of the expected processes,

and will assist you until you receive the required approval.

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תמונה להמחשה - שירות הנפקת אישורי התקשרות.

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