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לוגו חברות בארגון האירופאי לסילוק מזהמים
 חברות בארגון האירופאי להריסות מבנים
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Beni & Zvika Group Ltd. began its operations in the infrastructure industry in 1983 and has been engaged in earthwork for land development and building demolition in a wide range of private and national projects.


Since 1989, we have focused our operations as a demolition contractor for building demolition works and recycling building materials using unique tools, professional engineers, and specialized teams with relevant training and extensive experience. Today, in addition to being a demolition contractor, the company is an industry leader in the field of construction and demolition waste recycling, as well as other environmentally friendly areas. The company also deals with managing recycling sites; recycling materials at the client’s site; promoting and managing environmental projects; producing and selling recycled and green construction materials for the construction and infrastructure industries; building demolition; contaminated soil treatment; asbestos dismantling and handling; and more.

As part of our offered services, Beni & Zvika Group Ltd. issues certifications in accordance with the requirements of the relevant authorities, such as contractual certifications, certificate of occupancy (Form 4), and on-site grinding approval. Our building demolition and recycling operations are executed with the highest levels of precision and safety. These activities fully comply with the Ministry of Environmental Protection’s detailed requirements regarding noise and dust.

Beni & Zvika Group Ltd. is considered one of Israel’s leading demolition contractors. We carry out projects in full accordance with EU standards in all business areas, providing professional and high-quality planning and execution services for projects of various sizes and complexities through creative and unique engineering solutions. The company holds the requisite licenses and authorizations needed for its business operations, including the ISO 9001 standard.

Beni & Zvika Group Ltd. has served as a demolition contractor for numerous projects. Furthermore, we have carried out and continue to carry out projects for government ministries, government companies, and leading private companies in the Israeli economy.


Some of our projects include large-scale hazardous waste recycling for the Ministry of Environmental Protection; recycling household waste in landfills on the slopes of Netanya for the Netanya Development and Tourism Company Ltd.; waste recycling in the Hafetz Haim water reservoir for Mekorot (Israel’s national water company); building demolition; demolition of Haifa smokestacks and other structures for the Israel Electric Corporation; demolition of a factory in Ramat Gan; demolition of the Dan Mall in Bnei Brak; demolition of an Ikea building in Netanya; demolition of the Aaliyah Market building in southern Tel Aviv; and more.

We’d be happy to add you to the ranks of our satisfied customers. For additional information, please contact our Green Line at 9456*.

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