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GREEN Building Materials 

Application of recycled, green materials & products in construction and infrastructure systems

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Absorbent roof system

Flooring system

Infrastructure system


Sand: Washed, recycled and has a low spatial weight. For filling and insulation.

Development Concrete

Recycled Raw Materials

The raw materials that we produce are made from 100% recycled material, which comes from mineral construction and demolition waste, i.e. excess soil, concrete elements, asphalt, ceramic, marble, building blocks, etc.

Made in Israel - Our products are made from local and recycled materials. Help us reduce natural resource mining in order to preserve Israel’s beautiful landscapes and environment!


Green Concrete Mixtures

GREENMIX operates two concrete plants with strict quality control and oversight. The green concrete is produced based on 100% recycled raw material and cement. It has the “green label” issued by the Standards Institute of Israel, which certifies its environmental friendliness.

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