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לוגו גרין מיקס - אפור

Green Concrete

סדרת תערובות הבטון של GREENMIX,
מבוססות אגרגטים 100% ממוחזרים!

תמונה של מדף
מוצר - CLSM
מדה מתפלסת
מוצר - בטקל
חול צמנטי
מוצר - פיתוחית
חול מיוצב

After 20 years or research and development in the field of aggregates, we’ve come to the realization that not only are the recycled raw materials produced at our recycling sites equivalent to natural raw materials, but that our recycled materials are actually even better than natural materials.

This understanding, together with our founders’ vision, has led us to establish a series of green concrete factories, the first of their kind in Israel and the world!

The concrete mixtures are produced in factories certified by the Standards Institute of Israel. The facilities are modern and advanced. They have computerized control systems and meticulous quality management processes to oversee and guarantee product quality.

Behind our advanced product technologies are a team of international experts, Israeli and non-Israeli research institutions, and collaborations with domestic and foreign companies and bodies in the chemical and mineralogy industries.

We do all of this in order to provide our clients with the best products and service at a price that industries engaged in natural mining cannot compete with.

The concrete mixtures that we supply include:

CLSM | Lightweight concrete | Infrastructure development concrete (for curbstone) | Self-levelling concrete | Plaster and more..

Furthermore, our research and development system is ready for any challenge and for the development and delivery of customized and tailor-made mixtures according to customer requirements.

All our products abide by the requisite Israeli standards. However, we see our vision, which combines urban mining and industry symbiosis, as a concept that will be adopted across the globe. Hence, we are tirelessly working to promote standardization for concrete production that incorporates recycled raw materials.

The company encourages responsible leadership in the construction industry and take full responsibility for the offered products and services. As the industry’s standard bearer, we are proud to be the first company to take 100% responsibility and we look forward to sweeping the entire industry within our progress and fold.

We invite entrepreneurs, contractors, consultants, and industry professionals to join a global movement to reduce the usage of raw natural materials and to move towards the usage of high-quality green concrete at an unbeatable price with professional, courteous, and attentive customer service.

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