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Crushed and recycled mineral material. Quality material according to standard requirements, for application in development and infrastructure.

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Designation and Usage

Substrate B is a raw material for building and developing infrastructure. The raw material is made from recycled mineral materials derived from the demolition of buildings, construction products and excavation products. It is used as an inert material that forms the intermediate layer / filler layer in paving roads. It is also used to fill voids as a substitute for soil.

Standardization and Certifications

Grinding, sifting and quality control system in accordance with Procedural Standard 30. ISO 9001 certified quality assurance system. Authorization from the Standards Institute of Israel for the construction of substrates for roads, highways, and airports in accordance with Israeli Standard 1886 and Procedural Standard 30.


Natural recycled mineral materials.

Features and Benefits

# Uniform and stable grading levelling thanks to an advanced grinding and sifting system.

# Daily follow-up by an internal high-quality laboratory regarding product levelling and quality.

# Sorting and separation system for wood, metals, and plastic of all types. A one-of-a-kind system of bellows,     

   magnets, and fans is used to remove any pollutants.

# Significant environmental value! 100% recycled materials. Nearly 20% of extracting and mining material

   processes from nature can be reduced.

Supply and Application

Can be delivered using different trucks, in accordance with customer needs. The order delivery of the mixtures must be made one day before the delivery date until 15:00 from the relevant facility.


The material does not contain binding materials (cement) so it’s not dangerous to touch with bare hands.

The mixture can be handled like a natural substance. Additional information can be found on the Material Safety Data Sheet on the company’s website.

The product is 100% recycled and high-quality. Using the product will give the project a high score according to the green building standard, helping to preserve the environment and keeping Israel cleaner.

Substrate B - recycled

Recycled raw materials for new construction, development, and infrastructure projects.

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