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Circular Economy - It speaks for itself! A short, informative video

The construction industry can be described as a relatively static industry characterized by a slow degree of progress and development, which implements changes, technologies, and new concepts with difficulty. This is not only true for the construction industry in Israel, but all over the globe.

It’s hard not to be surprised when one understands the difference between the ‘linear’ model of the construction/ demolition industry, which is widespread still today, and the circular model.

The following video accurately describes the advantages and logic of implementing the circular economy model within the construction industry. It shows the transformation of a nuisance that was once buried in the ground without any thought for the future into a required and high-quality material, which is re-used for new construction. This re-use has beneficial effects for the environment and economy, as well as the public at large and the country as a whole. It’s time to stop being hesitant toward and even afraid of new ideas and approaches.

There is no doubt that Israel, the innovative start-up nation, cannot be a leader in these changes, set an example, and be a light unto other nations.

Thanks to WORLDYNAMICS the company that produced this great video.

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