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We’re happy to announce that the green building standard will become mandatory starting in 2021!

After numerous years of activity and participation in various committees and forums to promote the Israeli standard for green building, we’re proud of this achievement, which will help us to take another step in implementing the circular economy in the construction industry. GREENMIX develops products and services based on the principles of green building. These principles are followed throughout the entire process, i.e. building demolition, removal of waste to an authorized recycling site, and the ultimate recycling of the construction and demolition waste to raw materials, which will be re-used in the construction industry. Our series of advanced products are based on recycled raw materials, including a series of green concrete mixtures.

A circular economy is an environmentally friendly and sustainable economy for ourselves and future generations.

"The Israeli standard for green building was drafted in 2005 and originally included references to two types of structures: residential buildings and office buildings. This green building standard, which has been voluntary to date, is expected to significantly improve the quality of life of Israel’s residents by, among other things, saving energy consumption, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving public health by providing shade, natural light, and ventilation in the structures, using green building materials, and generally upgrading the quality of construction.”

Link to the full article in Globes ->

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