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שאיבת חול וסומסום

Sand & Aggregate pump
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GREENMIX, part of Beni & Zvika Group Ltd., initiates, leads, and maintains collaborations with domestic and global environmental institutions, while simultaneously managing extensive environmental projects in Israel. The services and solutions that we offer in the field of hazardous waste materials are tailored to customer and situational needs, such as:

Asbestos handling and disposal - This field requires unwavering professionalism and the appropriate licenses. Asbestos fibers are known to significantly increase the incidence of lung cancer and other diseases. Natural processes of material wear and weather damage can disintegrate the asbestos fibers’ casing, resulting in real damage to someone working nearby and any other persons in the surrounding area. GREENMIX is licensed to properly handle, dismantle, and dispose of asbestos on behalf of the Ministry of Environmental Protection. In fact, the company employs a professional and skilled team of experts to carry out such tasks.

Treating contaminated soil - One of the most common groups of soil contaminants is heavy metals. Some heavy metals tend to accumulate in biological systems and are even toxic to humans. Exposure, even at very low concentrations, can cause significant health and environmental damage. The second, and more common group, causing soil contamination is standard fuels, i.e. mazut, diesel fuel, crude oil, etc.

This type of soil contamination is relatively easier to carry out either by removal to a designated treatment site or on-site handling.

Making a decision about treatment type and location, disposal destination, or any other type of handling depends on various factors, including contaminant type, its concentration levels in the soil, and the extent of the pollution and environmental sensitivity at the contaminated site.

GREENMIX will perform the necessary work, starting from the testing stage up to the issuance of required certifications from the relevant bodies. We offer competitive pricing, uncompromising professionalism, and quick, but efficient work scheduling.

Grinding, sifting, and recycling waste at the client’s site - GREENMIX operates one of the world’s most advanced and highest quality mobile systems for grinding, sifting, separating, and recycling construction and demolition waste. The work is carried out at the client’s site and fully complies with all standards and requirements issued by competent authorities regarding noise and dust.

Due to the skyrocketing prices of diesel fuel and the ever-shrinking and increasingly expensive landfill space in Israel, there is no doubt that our solution will save you the core expenses associated with the waste removal process, i.e. transport and landfill dumping.

Environmental projects - The company collaborates with various institutions to promote recycling, whether it be expanding the recycling industry, advancing research and development, and promoting associations and collaborations to create industry symbiosis. The company invites any relevant parties interested in collaboration to raise awareness and promote policies promoting environmentalism and sustainability. Preserving and sustaining Israel’s beauty for ourselves and future generations is our core value and underlying mission.

Do you need solutions to environmental nuisances?

Contact us and we’d be happy to provide you with all the relevant information, as well as professional and trustworthy service.

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