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Waste Containers


Waste Management

תמונה של מכולה לפינוי פסולת בניין

Why contact a waste disposal contractor if you can contact the recycling site itself?      

GREENMIX operates a wide and advanced logistics system for the removal of construction waste in the Gush Dan metropolitan area using unique containers and equipment that are adapted for work in dense urban areas.

GREENMIX, part of Beni & Zvika Group Ltd., has been operating in the field of construction and demolition waste recycling for over three decades.

Based on the research, knowledge, and experience that we’ve gathered over the years, we’ve reached a crucial realization - waste must be effectively managed.

We’re happy and proud to provide our customer base with the tools necessary for managing construction and demolition waste. Our contractors and developers reflect the quality of our construction, as well as its economic efficiency.

If we deepen our knowledge and learn more about the waste that we produce, we can improve the raw material procurement process and save up to 5% of construction costs from waste management alone!

Separation at the source it the first tool in the process. Unlike household waste, whose separation can be complicated and cumbersome due to the wide variety of waste sources, the separation of construction and demolition waste is simple and convenient! The work of separation at the source makes it possible to significantly reduce the volume of waste in direct proportion of the amount of waste container clearing at the recycling sites. The direct implication is saving 15%-22% of waste treatment costs!

We provide our clients with a variety of containers and trucks for waste removal, including waste containers designated for separation at the source:

Green waste container for construction and demolition waste

A designated waste container for separating minerals (construction and demolition materials: excess soil, concrete residue, metals, building blocks, tiles, raw materials, etc.)

Orange waste container - For packaging construction waste

A designated waste container for separating non-mineral materials (wooden pallets, cardboard and paper packaging, plastic packaging, nylon, shrink wrapping, etc.)

The waste management services that we offer are easily accessible via a unique technological system that we specifically developed. The system’s purpose is to document the waste disposal process from its start until the recycling is completed. The system learns the usage habits of the construction project and knows how to effectively analyze and indicate efficiency metrics and procedures online in order to improve performance and maximize savings.

Over 50% of construction and demolition waste in Israel is illegally dumped in nature by waste removal contractors.

It’s time to make progress and allow those with knowledge and experience to take professional responsibility for waste treatment by returning this waste to the construction cycle as raw materials, or as we call it - the “circular economy”.

Are you ready to change your mindset and start managing and reducing the cost of waste treatment?

We’d be happy to help you on this path. We can provide a variety of useful and professional tools to assist and guide you.

מכולות לפינוי פסולת בנייה - ירוקה וכתומה GREENMIX
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